I took studio art in college and also took classes at the Museum School in Boston. From there I moved to Maine, where among other things, I lived off-the-grid and worked as a home health nurse. During that time, I worked at learning to draw and attended life drawing sessions. I turned to painting twenty years ago and have exhibited in Maine and in Vermont where I have lived for the past eight years. I have shown my work at various venues including solo exhibits at the Vermont Arts Council and at River Arts in Morrisville.


At this point, after a decades-long process of exploring different subject matter, my work is about paring down to essentials. My aesthetic ideal has always been the driving force of my painting efforts: I seek to make work that is at once delicate, tender and intimate. I hope that work will be emotionally charged and alive. Using a small format and distilling aspects of abstract expressionism, I have been inspired to create my own painterly language.